LifeObject Installation

After browsing all the interesting post by my peers, I’m particularly drawn to the LifeObject project introduced by Yugy. This Israeli Pavilion is an architectural installation at  2016 Venice Biennale, that embodies the resilient properties of a bird’s nest. Curators of this project include Dr. Ido Bachelet, Bnaya Bauer, Arielle Blonder, Dr. Yael Eylat Van Essen, and Noy Lazarovich.

Specially, I’m fascinated by the spatial architectural forms generated through the scientific analysis, which materializes the abstract ideas into a architectural senses of thinness and volume.

I agree with my peer’s insight about this project bridging architecture and biology. The computational design of the fabrication process enables the realization of natural quality and randomness of biological characteristics. And the desired animation of the organic nest is successfully manifested through the dynamic yet inorganic material.


Israel Pavilion

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