Katherine Hua – Project-12 – Proposal

With my proposed collaborator, Min Lee (mslee) from Section A, we are going to make an interactive visual representation of a song (yet to be decided). We want a song that gives off a peaceful and dreary vibe. The visual part will be of a visual sound spectrum based off the wavelengths of the sound that is set in the middle of the canvas. The spectrum will be made up of small circles of varying colors that are constantly drowned out by the background (to give it a look of lagging behind to further reinforce the dreary and peaceful vibe intended). For the interactive component, we wanted to create layers of sound. We will find the individual instruments that come together to make up the song (flute, percussion, voice, etc.). This representation will start off with just one layer (one instrument). With each click of the mouse, a layer of sound will be added. With each layer of sound, a layer of color will be added to the visual representation as well. So we were thinking of having the circles having lower opacities so that different colored circles could come together to form new colors. Of course this means we need to choose appropriate colors that will make actually pretty colors. Below is a quick sketch of what we expect our project to look like.

Our sketch of our project


Robert Oh- Project 12- Proposal

For my final project, I wanted to create a “multi-tasking” game. I remember back when I was a kid, there was a multi-tasking game that my friends and I would play in order to see who could score the most number of points (and so prove who was the best at multi-tasking).

And so, I wish to create a similar game where you must keep track of many different elements at the same time in order to survive. For example, I have 4 examples in my photo below that the player must keep track of. The top-left photo contains a ball on top of a platform in which you have to balance (the ball may move to the right or left of the platform). The top-right photo contains a clicking game where you must click inside the spawned circles before the time runs out. The bottom-left photo contains a turtle running hurdles, where you have to press the space bar for the turtle to jump. Finally, the bottom-right photo shows a hollow semi-circle that you must rotate to allow the arrows on the sides to hit the middle of the semi-circle.


Alessandra Fleck-Project 12

For my final project I would like to engage what skills I have learned in creating and illustrating animations in p5js and bringing those skills into an interactive application that allows the user to bring changes into their background. So sort of an interactive green-screen with animation idea that is curated specifically for the purposes of trying to bring design ideas into the environment the user is in. I am not entirely sure what the parameters for the design will be as I have not explored all of the possible moves I could make using augmented reality yet. However for a start, I most certainly want the augmented reality animation created with p5js to be informative and useful as a tool to the user. After looking at some examples in how to engage the user with an animation, I found augmented reality as a common method for making such engagement happen. Though there are less examples and resources available specifically curated towards the p5js library, there are several for javascript available online. In terms of the resources that are available for working with the p5js library, I found TangibleJS, to be a tool that can be used to bringing interactivity to code that relies on the p5js library. In terms of precedent assignments that were worked on in class that relate to the concept of augmented reality and animation, the raining letters with webcam assignment is one such example of the concept of augmented reality being implemented with p5js.

Concept Diagram:

Collaborators: None proposed

Yiran Xuan – Project 12 – Proposal

My project idea is to recreate the schoolyard clapping game “Shotgun” in Javascript. The game consists of each rounds, within each round two (or more) players face each other and simultaneously play one of three moves: “Shoot”, “Reload”, and “Shield”.  Shielding blocks all incoming bullets, and can be used any round; reloading adds one bullet to the chamber, but leaves the player vulnerable; shooting fires a bullet toward the (or an) opponent, but can only be used if the player has at least one bullet in the chamber already. The game ends when one player plays shoot while their target is reloading. This game has a luck element but is also strategic, good players being able to predict when their opponents would be left vulnerable. Another important element to the game is clapping, which helps ensure simultaneous play; typically, players would clap their hands on their thighs twice before making their move, establishing a beat.

For this project, I intend to represent the two players as two animated dragons spitting fireballs at each other. Players would have 4 separate key each to play, 3 for the moves, and 1 for “clapping”. I will play a short sound regularly to establish a beat, and players would need to press the “clap” button within a certain time frame, or they suffer consequences (like a rhythm game). I would need counters to keep track of the refresh rate. I will also build a random move-generating AI. For most of the interface, I will draw outside of the program and import in as images.


Yoo Jin Shin-Project-12-Proposal

For the final project, I would like to create some sort of interactive display or animation for the home page of my personal website. I saw one in which the home screen included an interactive color wheel in which each color block led to a different project once clicked. Another included an animation that told a short story of the portfolio owner’s background/works. For the first idea, a lot would depend on the mouse positions and including images while the second idea would be some sort of generative landscape with mostly nonrandom elements.


Sophie Chen – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I would like to create animations that react to movement and gestures in front of a camera. I study projection design in the school of drama, so I’m really interested in possibilities between a performer and live reactive animations. I hope to create a prototype that can be possibly expanded to a larger scale or used for live performances/installations in the future. I’m not entirely sure if the final visual result will include the camera input of the users or consist of just the animations alone, but I think that’s something I will decide as the animations solidify. Since this project will be receiving its camera input through a webcam, I think it will rely on the viewer to be in front of a solid color background wearing solid color clothing. The actual animation content will be abstract and simple, and may be created through turtle graphics.

rough sketch

Christine Chen-Project 12- Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to create a game that has something to do with mouse interactions. I will be creating a tree that constantly has objects falling from it. The objects are apples, golden apples, and bird poop. The task of the users is to catch the apples with the basket through controlling the mouse x position. If the users catch a apple, they will get 1 point. If the users catch a bird poop, the game will end. If the users catch a golden apple, they will get a bonus life that will save them from losing the game if they catch a bird poop later on. The background would be a generative one that has birds flying around. The color of the day will change according the the time when the user is playing the game. I am still currently thinking of other things to add to the game, such as having a naughty kid that comes in every now and then who steals the apple, or speeding up the velocity of the falling apple over time.

Project 12-Project Proposal-Veronica

For the final project, I want to create an animation with a bit of interaction and sound effects. In my studio I am currently working on a thesis project dealing with the environment and cohabitation/negotiation of boundaries between human and more-than-human species, and creating installations for endangered species as well as synanthropic species to share urban space. I am inspired by the works of Joyce Hwang and Sarah Gunawan , and I want to create an animation that documents the vision of such installation projects and their impacts on our environment.

I have identified the green spaces along the MLK Jr. East busway in the Hill District, Pittsburgh, and I want to focus my animation on one scene and 3 different species of animals: bats, black throat warblers, and raccoons. The animation will show buses and trains pass by at a certain interval of time, and a key press will add an installation of an artificial “nest” for a certain type of animal. Initially the background sound will be city noises, and as the number of birds are added, the bird sound will get louder and city noises get quieter. Below is a rough sketch of my ideas.


Lingfan Jiang—Project 12—Proposal

For the final project, Kai Zhang and I are planning to build a web game that resembles something similar to the game that was popular in 2014 on mobile platforms -Flappy Bird. The only thing that the player needs to do is to tap the screen so that the bird flaps the wings and ascend to avoid falling or obstacles.

Image result for flappy bird

The idea of the game would be similar, but the style of the graphics would definitely be more original. Also,  additional to the original game, we are thinking about adding more operations into the game. For example, the bird is able to spit out bullets to destroy the cloest obstacle, but the bullets would be limited to a certain number.

Since we decided to do a collaborative project, one person might focus on the generative background and the scoring system. The other one might focus on the general movement of the bird, but more detailed ways of collaboration might be mentioned more in the next post.

Yingyang Zhou-Project-12-Proposal

For the final project, I would like to play with the sound effect since I’m very interested in it and we don’t have a chance to do a project on sound.

I would like to a game that is similiar to keyboard instrument. The idea is you need to press the right key of the instrument that is playing right now, the legend of keys will be given on screen. Also the score will be cumulated and shown on screen. Ideally, the level will be harder when you get to a certain amount of score.