Sofia Syjuco – Project-09

Screenshot of Portrait

var portraitPhoto; // variable to store the photo link
var colorAtPixel; // variable to store the color
var ellipseSize = 20; // variable to store the ellipse size

function preload(){
  portraitPhoto = loadImage(""); //load in the portrait photo

function setup() {
  createCanvas(800,800); // create a canvas at the photo's dimensions
  portraitPhoto.loadPixels(); // load in the pixels for the photo

function draw() {
  background(255);// draw in a background
  noStroke(); // no strokes around shapes
  for(var r = 0;r<=width+1;r+=ellipseSize){ // go through all the rows of pixels
    for(var c = 0;c<=height+1;c+=ellipseSize){ // go through all the columns of pixels
      colorAtPixel = portraitPhoto.get(r,c); // check what the color is in the photo
      fill (colorAtPixel); // fill it with that color
      ellipse(r,c,ellipseSize,ellipseSize); // draw a circle
noLoop();//just run draw once

I was very intrigued by the work of Danny Rozin, and how just that simple repetition of shapes could still manage to convey human features – but I wanted to work with color, not with shadows. So I tried to develop something that is in keeping with the simplicity of Rozin’s style, but incorporates colors to make the portrait more recognizably human.

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