Technological Art

Sensing Colorspace, Michael Sebastian Haas, Berlin, 2014,  waterbased acrylic paint & protoc ol, custom mechatronic system & custom software,  4,5x 3,8 meters

There is an artwork “Sensing Colorspace” that I saw on a website before. It is installed at the 10th floor bar of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. I was attracted by this artwork at the first glance because the sense of chaos amazed me at first. I wasn’t sure why this was art and did not know the meaning of it. After reading the description, I start to love this piece of art. This drawing is created by a robot, Vertwalker, that was made by artist Michael Sebastian Haas. It records the noise in the surrounding and reflects it through drawing lines. The idea of bringing daily life, like the noise of the coffee machine, the dishwasher, people’s chatting, and the glass cup, into artwork already makes this work attractive. The use of technology – a self-developed robot makes this work even more valuable. Vertwalker is able to work for several hours until it needs to charge, which makes it able to work continuously to record the noise. This is very inspirational for me because I have never thought of letting a robot to make art, nor did I think that the production of a robot is art. However, the meaning behind this work that  “records the interaction between visitors and the artwork and inscribes their presence to the wall”.


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