jwchou-Project-Proposal v2

Note: This is my new proposal.

My new proposal is to create an interactive game is controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard.

I want to create an airplane landing game, sort of inspired by the game/app Flight Control which used to be quite popular. I wanted to do this to continue my series of airplane-themed projects.

I’m imagining that the game will progress either through different levels, or just naturally increase in hardness (ie the planes fly faster, are harder to control, etc). I might try to make it with more than one plane in the frame at a time, but if I can’t execute that, I might just stick with one plane at a time to keep things simple.

The styling will probably be simple and contemporary, and I might explore sound feedback as well, if possible.

I plan to work on this by myself.


mjanco – Project Proposal 12 – Section B

For my project I want to create a generative landscape, playing with perspective and depth of field. I am attracted to the image of a pond of lily pads. I like that it would involve fairly simple geometric shapes but would create a calming image. I like the idea of potentially doing a generative landscape from above, as if the viewer is flying over the surface of the pond. I also like the idea of changing the opacity to create the illusion of fish beneath the surface of the water.

My other option is a standard horizontally moving landscape, in which case I’d like to play with the idea of reflection – showing trees or grass reflecting in the pond.

I want this to have a very calm, organic feel to it. I think by playing with opacity and color schemes this can be accomplished.


I want to create a project that makes politics more visible.

Often, stories break out about President Trump and his policies, but how they may affect people is often unclear. This can be seen in his Muslim Ban, his tweets, or his executive orders, or his diplomatic actions.

I want to create an interactive quiz/poll that shows how Trump might be doing something that directly affects you. For example… qualifiers could be

-being transgender

-being undocumented

-having a specific country of origin


In addition to being informative to a specific audience, I also want the project to be informative to a more general audience so they can find out how Trump is affecting others.

I’m imagining this project to be a sort of interactive javascript application, where users can click and interact with the different information being presented. I’m a bit hesitant about pursuing this project, because I’m not sure the text formatting tools in P5.Js are powerful enough in order to design a good interface.

Here is an EXTREMELY rough diagram of what it could look like (I promise I have better skills than this). Imagine each box to be a different qualifier, and which one clicks on the box, more information comes up about Trump and his actions.


In my artistic practice, I’m excited by the the concept of discovery through the visualization of the self, through both visual and sonic means. I was very inspired by Golan Levin’s, “Messa di Voce” part 4, where moving bodies detected by computer vision leave dynamic computational “auras” that disperse across the screen.

“Messa Di Voce” by Golan Levin

For my final project, I propose a program that manipulates a particle system with features of the voice. I am thinking about creating a landscape of trees, flowers and animals based generated by a singing to it. Trees and flowers could be generated using an l-system growth pattern that responds to the volume or frequency of input sound.

Or, it could be a bit more abstract and simply contain particles that are displaced and moved based on frequency and volume of the voice. That system could act more like a flock of birds, using encoded Boid behaviors.

Boid Simulation Tutorial

mstropka-Project Proposal

For my project I would like to create a music visualizer that takes the lyrics from a song and changes the location and form of the letters based on the audio data from a file. I also think it would be interesting to add interaction between the letters and the mouse to make the program more interactive and interesting for the user. The best format for this, I think, would be a long scrolling line of text that is the lyrics of the song that get altered as the music goes on. 

katieche- project 12 proposal

For my project, I wanted to create an interactive game that is minimalistic but fun and somewhat challenging. The user represents an organic shape that follows the mouse and is going to be animated using photos preloaded. It will have a constant waving fluid like motion to look more interesting. There will be geometric shapes falling from the top of the canvas that interact with the user. The two shapes that can win the user points are the circles and squares. To get points from the circles, you (the organic shape) must touch the circle, which causes it to burst. To get points from the squares, the user must press one of four keys which will coordinate with the blob’s color, to allow the blob to eat the square of the same color (i.e. if the user presses “Q” the blob will change to pink, letting it eat the pink squares, but if the blob is pink and it touches a yellow square, the yellow square will just pass through it). Beware of the triangles! Touching the triangle will cause the user to lose a life. There is also a score counter at the bottom right. The higher the user’s score, the faster the shapes will fall from the top of the screen. If the user doesn’t hit a square or a circle, the user does not die, they just lost the opportunity to gain that point.

draft made in illustrator of what the game might potentially look like. The blob starts off white until the user changes its color by hitting a key.

Jdbrown – Final Project Proposal

I’m working on a sound installation for next semester, and I’d like to use this project to create an interactive draft of the installation. The basic concept is a bunch of phones hanging from the ceiling, playing back snippets of “final conversations” that I’ve amassed from a Google Survey through social media. The overall project will be a small animated scene which plays sound when clicked, etc. Part of what I love about P5 is the drawing aspect, so I’m going back to the start and drawing the scene, using the computational elements I’ve learned along the way to make it stylish.


I will be working with classmate Helen Wu from Section A.
I was inspired by one of my favorite arcade games, Dance Dance Revolution, and I thought it would be interesting to create something similar using the arrow keys. Essentially, the player will hit the arrow keys to the beat of a song while arrows move up (see picture). We are hoping to generate arrow keys based on the frequency/volume of the beat to create an entertaining game. I want to find a way to keep track of highest scores as well.

keuchuka – project 12 – proposal

For the final project, I want to create something that involves both generative and interactive components. I’m interested in creating generative motion graphics that involve typography, fill, and some 3D component. It will be generative either based on a set of data consisting of words (like a wikipedia page). It will also be dependent on also the mouse activity laid on the canvas. The shapes and lines will change according to interactivity, but type depends on the data fed in. The text interacts with the 3D shape by going around and behind it as well. I will be reading up on 3D super shapes and Dan Shiffman’s tutorials on them. Hopefully the type and the the shapes create a sense of aesthetically pleasant landscape that represents a set of data. I’m trying to create a piece of generative art that is not obviously showing a set of data, but looks like compositional, time based, motion graphics.

above is an image of a potential landscape composition


For my final project, I want to expand on the work I did in week 9. I will create a photo editor. An editor that applies a multitude of filters to different aspects of the images. It will load an image of the correct size, provide multiple options for editing through a panel of interactive buttons, and will re-display the edited image. Different buttons will edit the composition, color, pixels, and any other edits I can come up with or code. I plan to create a blur function. A black and white filter. A duotone filter with an attached color editor. A pixelating function. And possibly more I will come up with in the process, this is all I know I can code right now.

I want to also focus on creating a clean and successful UI in p5js to successfully support the code. Something simple but powerful that I will also create descriptive icons to describe the different possible edits that can be made to the image.