I want to create a project that makes politics more visible.

Often, stories break out about President Trump and his policies, but how they may affect people is often unclear. This can be seen in his Muslim Ban, his tweets, or his executive orders, or his diplomatic actions.

I want to create an interactive quiz/poll that shows how Trump might be doing something that directly affects you. For example… qualifiers could be

-being transgender

-being undocumented

-having a specific country of origin


In addition to being informative to a specific audience, I also want the project to be informative to a more general audience so they can find out how Trump is affecting others.

I’m imagining this project to be a sort of interactive javascript application, where users can click and interact with the different information being presented. I’m a bit hesitant about pursuing this project, because I’m not sure the text formatting tools in P5.Js are powerful enough in order to design a good interface.

Here is an EXTREMELY rough diagram of what it could look like (I promise I have better skills than this). Imagine each box to be a different qualifier, and which one clicks on the box, more information comes up about Trump and his actions.

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