Week 12 (due SATURDAY Nov 18)

The readings, assignments, and projects below constitute the Week 12 Deliverables and are due by 11:59pm EDT on Saturday, November 18th:

  1. Technical Readings
  2. Looking Outwards 12 [Blog]
  3. (No Assignment this week – only Looking Outward.)
  4. Project-12: (Final Project Proposal) [Blog]

1. Technical Readings

  • (no special readings this week unless someone identifies something useful to fill in a perceived knowledge gap)

2. Looking Outwards 12: Project Priors and Precursors

In this, your last Looking Outwards of the semester, your job is to identify relevant precursors and prior art. In particular, you are asked to identify two projects that you find interesting and relevant to your Final Project, and which you have not discussed in any previous Looking Outwards.

  • Please discuss and compare the projects. What do you admire about them? What opportunities might they have overlooked?
  • Link (if possible) to the works. To the best of your abilities, be sure to provide the creators names, titles of the works, and years of creation.
  • Embed images and/or videos of the projects into the blog post.
  • Label your blog post with the Category, LookingOutwards-12.
  • Label your blog post with your Lab Section, e.g. Section B.

Feel free to consult some of the resources we have presented previously, as well as other resources you may find online or in books and journals:

4. Project 12: Final Project Proposal

Please give some thought to what you would like to create for your Final Project (which will itself be due Friday, December 8th at 11:59pm). Imagine that your Final Project is something a little larger and more ambitious than what you normally would create for a weekly creative Project: you’ll have about two weeks to create it.

In a blog post to this site,

  1. In text of about 150-200 words, describe what you would like to create. Your project should involve the creation of custom software, toward some personally interesting end. Some possibilities for Final Projects include: an information visualization; an audiovisual performance instrument; an interactive game; a Twitter bot; an interactive camera-based installation; an animation; a system for computationally generating forms for digital fabrication; etc. If you have no idea what to do, create something like this interactive computer keyboard instrument Patatap by Jono Brandel.
  2. Include a drawing or diagram to illustrate your proposed project. This might be a photograph of a page from your sketchbook, etc.
  3. List any proposed collaborators for the project. Collaborations for the final project will generally be permitted, but must be approved by your professor. Your collaborator (if any) must be another student in 15-104.
  4. Label your blog post with the Category, Final-Project-Proposal.
  5. Label your blog post with your section, e.g. Section E.