hdw/tlai – Final Project

https://helenxwu.github.io/ –> link to game

https://drive.google.com/a/andrew.cmu.edu/file/d/1NQmUsm_kBniAq7vku2QIYw7QzBkgUOP_/view?usp=sharing –> link to zip file

How to run zip:
1) download file
2) move to desktop
3) open zip folder

4) On mac– open terminal (command+space and search “terminal”)

5) type in “python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000”

6) go to browser–type in localhost:8000 where the URL would usually go

7) find desktop listing and click on it
8) find downloaded folder and click on it
9) file will load! 🙂

For our final project, Tiffany and I made a dance dance revolution game to the Mii remix. We delved into an entirely new library (the p5js sound extension) and learned a lot about different techniques for signal processing. For the main sound visualizer, we used Fast Fourier Transform algorithm (FFT) to sample the music files’ signals over a period of time, and divided its frequency components to create the bouncing colors that react and move according to note and rhythm.

Additionally, we mapped the volume controls to create new objects under an object function, to randomly generate 4 different types of arrows. We then set a range for the function to work under so the score counter could add points. We also created a start screen and end screen for the game under two separate functions.

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