Week 15 (due Dec 8)

Final Project

Please see Week 12 Deliverables for more on the final project.

By now, you should have a proposal and know what you are doing. If not, ask on Piazza!

The final project will be graded on a 100-point scale. The main requirement is that you show your programming skills in a creative application. The final project should be about double the complexity and scope of previous weekly projects. We expect at least 100 lines of code (per person).

Grading criteria

  • Project is properly posted to WP and runs: 60pts (some projects may not run on WP — in that case, post documentation (how to install and run, screen shots, how to operate) on WP and post a zip file containing your project so we can run it.
  • Code style: 25pts. Code should be scrupulously indented, spaced and commented — see notes on style on WP. It should be a model of coding clarity and style.
  • Statements on WP: 5pts. In addition to an embedded project, write a few sentences about your work and include any instructions needed to operate/demonstrate your project.
  • Creativity: 5pts. Show some imagination, artist’s sensibility, surprise. Boring and mundane work may loose some points here.
    Effort: 5pts. If your project seems to be thrown together at the last minute with lots of rough edges, expect to lose some points here.


Staff will be grading separate batches, but we decided we will each award up to 10 “Judge’s Choice” points to one or more project. The criteria are entirely up to the grader (“cutest kitten video”, “best likeness of Elvis”, or more seriously effort, creativity, wow factor, sophisticated programming, etc.)