mmirho – Looking Outwards 1

A computational art project that inspires me is the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago. The art piece is, of course, very well known. I visited Chicago for a few days, and I quickly became fascinated with it, even after only seeing it from a distance.

The construction alone took 17 million dollars in donations, around three years in construction. It was planned by the Krueck and Sexton Architecture firm.

I’m unaware of the technology they used to create the imagery on the art piece and whether or not it was custom for the project, but almost all of the LEDs and glass plates had to be custom made as a result of the sheer size.

Here’s a link to a video of the monument.

Here’s a link to a full description of the monument, on the City of Chicago’s website.

I’m unaware of the artist’s inspiration, but I would assume it had to do less with prior art installations and more with the diverse community within the city of Chicago.

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