Taking inspiration from old De Stijl works, Kyuha Shim is able to input images as well as type into code to create “RASTER” (2017). Shim is a computational designer and researcher at CMU and his work “RASTER” has been funded by CMU. By utilizing p5 Shim has been able to create images ranging from literal to more abstract interpretations. I admire this work as Shim is able to combine both an advanced knowledge of De Stijl work both technically but visually. She is able to balance both of their contexts and combine them creating this work that can applied to our world. Other works by Shim also relate to “RASTER” as manipulating images and type through generative code is common through his work. Users who utilize “RASTER” and range in understanding of De Stijil work will be able to understand at a deeper level their proportions as well as aesthetic that is apparent through the amount of work.

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