Carolyn L. Kane’s book written in 2014, Chromatic Algorithms: Synthetic Color, Computer Art, and Aesthetics after Code, fleshes out the phenomena of how color existed in the past and how human understanding of color continues to change today. I admire the interdisciplinary approach the book takes. It discusses established philosophical and scientific ideas about color and newer technological approaches to color. Her novel breaks boundaries that say color should be a certain way. For instance, blue is a cool color and red is a warm color. Kane shows her readers that this statement can be false. Some key ideas about harmony and balance between colors were based off of nature and artists deemed them correct. However, in science there are times that blue is the warm color and red is the cool color (bunsen burners and stars). Kane did not create the algorithms, but she explores the algorithms of synthetic colors used in today’s technology in her novel.  link    

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