cespinoz-Looking Outwards 02

For this assignment I chose Memo Akten’s Fight (2017). Fight uses Virtual Reality and Binocular Reality and transforms it into interpret art right in front of the eye. I chose this piece because virtual reality, to me, is one of the most fascinating advances in technology. I vividly remember my first experience with virtual reality, and always yearn to experience it again when possible. What I particularly like about this piece though, is its variability aspect in which each viewer has a different visual experience despite the images displayed being the same every time.

Though I’m not quite sure on how Atken made the images, I know that at a basic level, virtual reality works by using a stereoscopic display that allows eyes to see depth into the images projected. The images that Atken chooses for this piece are ones that do not directly match our expectations of the outside world.

Attached is a video of one of infinite visual experiences from Fight

In his interviews, Atken draws his main purpose of this piece is to think about perception. He writes, “perception, including vision, is an active process, it requires action and integration”. More information about Memo Atken’s Fight can be found here: http://www.memo.tv/fight/

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