dnam-Looking Outwards-03

Daniel Omar with a 3D-printed prosthetic arm

Technology has developed greatly in the medical field. Computation fabrication has allowed a new door for prosthetic limbs. Ian Birrell, in the Guardian Article written in February 2017, discusses the story of Ivan Owen, an artist who helped others by creating 3D models of prosthetics. One of the story shared was about Liam, a five-year old with missing fingers. While Owen knew he could make the prosthetics fairly easily, the concern of Liam’s rapid growth bothered him. Therefore, Owen made a 3D prosthetics model that could be resized and reprinted whenever needed. This allows Owen to always change the fit of the prosthetics as needed, as well as be able to produce it in a cheaper method than hand creating the object himself. Computational fabrication has allowed for more people to have access to prosthetics, helping those in need.

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