Project: Iris Van Herpen’s line of laser-cut/3d-printed dresses 
Iris van Herpen “Radiation Invasion” Sept 2009 Leather

I really admire this project because it really combines hand craftsmanship with the precision and automation of modern digital methods. Even though she used digital tools to cut the materials, she still had to use her aesthetic sensibilities to come up with the patterns and designs. In addition, I assume in assembling the dress, she still had to do it by hand to fit the dress to the specific model. It also inspired me in how she worked with various different manufacturers and partners in order to create the necessary forms.

I visited her exhibit at the Carnegie Museum last year, and in the exhibit, she talked about how many people told her that her vision could not be accomplished with existing technology. I love that her vision was so strong that she was so insistent in bringing her creations to live.



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