by Cornelius Dämmrich

Cornelius Dämmrich is a German freelance CG artist, 6088AD was a painting that he created this year using multiple graphics software. For this painting, he focused a lot on the shading, texture, and lighting for 3D computer graphics. Although the painting doesn’t have a specific story behind, it created an atmosphere combining future and modern humans culture together. The imagination and appearance were very strong and attractive.  Cornelius posted a very detailed breakdown tutorial to explain how he created 6088AD.

From the video, we can see that he first built up the scene using simple shapes to mark the portions of subjects inside. Also, he used the light inside to make shadows in the scene. Later, he kept carving the models and textures to make it more realistic. The choice of color works really well, the orange on the left side and the greyish colors on the right side helps to create the interesting contrast in the painting. It also strengthens the vivid feeling.

For more details, please go here: https://zomax.net/gallery/6088ad/

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