One of Frank Guzonne’s 3D work displayed on his Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/p/BZJdCaPh_5M/?taken-by=fjg_3d)

For this week’s Looking Outward I focused on the 3D graphic computational artwork of Frank J. Guzonne whose works have popped up on my Instagram feed recently. His works are very flamboyant with his color choices been great and his graphics being quirky. He takes seemingly simple and mundane every day objects and plays around with dynamic movement and lighting in order to create a pleasantly unexpected graphic video work. It seems for each project he makes a unique algorithm that would determine how objects would move in relation to each other and the lighting. Guzonnes 3D renderings allows for creative explorations of fictitious animations.

Although we are currently working on 2D objects, I like how computation can bring about 3D movement and work. This opens up a new creative window in making animation work. I thought this kind of computing would be particularly useful for not only animation but also generating potential real life situations.

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