hqq – secE – LookingOutwards – 06 – randomness

To explore randomness in computational art this week, I decided to look into the work of Rami Hammour, an architect and graduate of the Masters of Architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Rami Hammour’s work often uses computation to derive generative forms that resemble ordinary and analog techniques. For example, the piece above entitled “A Text of Random Meanings” uses computational randomness to create strokes in columns that resemble a list of text. Rami Hammour achieves this using a python scripts that takes in the values of three integers: 9, 11, and 13, as registers to move the drawn line along the canvas. By using a Python script to this degree, Rami Hammour is able to create works that draw and highlight variances in the stroke.

Other pieces in the series use wider and less dense strokes to reveal the binary code beneath the randomness that the script entails. As it zooms in, it reveals a series of right angles in the piece.

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