(example shown by the author)

(my work)

After some research online, I found an algorithm named “HTML5 Canvas Fractal Flame Generator” that generates random fractals. The users are free to change the type of lines, colors, scales, rotation, etc.  This algorithm is a simplified version of the “Fractal Flame algorithm” invented by Scott Draves. According to the author, “The algorithm is based on iterating a set of affine transformations to move a point around the plane a very large number of times, then rendering an image which records all of the positions the point visited.” I attached two images in the post, one is an example made by other people, another is the one I generated using this algorithm.

Since this type of “art” can be created by anyone with just a couple of simple clicks, I started to question the definition of “art”. The results are for sure visually pleasing, but is this real art? Generated with some simple operation on computer?

I chose this algorithm to write in LookingOutward because it was fun to play with it. It’s nice that people who barely know about computer science(like me) have access to simple algorithm like this, and have fun with it. Maybe this isn’t real art, but the interesting interaction is real.

You can read more about the algorithm here.

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