Speaker: Molly Wright Steenson

Link to Speaker Bio: http://www.girlwonder.com/ http://eyeofestival.com/speaker/molly-wright-steenson/




Molly Wright Steenson is a designer and architect currently holding the position of the chair of the MDes program at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Her work in architectural history and designing human systems directly contributes to the ongoing development of Transition Design, a design practice founded in 2013 at Carnegie Mellon that investigates design’s role in making transitions towards preferable, sustainable futures. Specifically, her work focuses on the effects of existing, emerging, and nascent technologies on city systems (and, subsequently, the city in its next larger context — in a region, a region in a country, a country on the globe) as well as one the people that inhabit these cities.

As a designer currently focused on contributing to Transition Design, Molly’s work is influential to my approaches — I see evaluating things in its next larger context as essential in understanding how the designed products, spaces, and messages affect peoples from different breadths of cultures. As a presenter, I see her tactic of making apt references to relatable material as as useful — if the audience can empathize with the content, it makes the content easier to understand.

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