Looking Outwards – 08

“Dear Data” is by two women, Giorgia Lupi and Stefani Posavec. Lupi is an information designer in NYC, and Posavec is a designer in London. The two women actually only met twice, at EYEO 2013 and 2014, where, in between they had a year-long collaborative data project. The challenge was both in their data collection and in their data visualizations. With every postcard they sent to each other, they would visualize something new in their daily lives, using a new creative visual system.

In their presentation, I love their camaraderie with each other, it makes the entire presentation come alive. Another aspect I really loved was the visualization of everything, i.e. the map of where they lived and the traveling their post cards did. Showing and explaining some of their postcards was also very helpful in regards to really understanding what went on during their processes. I loved how innovative some of the projects were, from using materials such as lipsticks, the design of the visualization, to just the topic of the data, these two women proved to be truly restless in regards to finding something new with every postcard. Nonetheless, overall the entire presentation was extremely powerful because of its structure, and clarity in their thinking, the timeline, and data visualization explanation.

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