INSTINT 2014-Jen Lewin

I decided to look into the works of Jen Lewin based on the information she delivered during her Eyeo Festival talk in 2014. Based in New York, Lewin works as a light and interactive sculptor, making works that allow the public to create their own art. What I found inspirational was Lewin’s focus on the “experience” of her art. Traditionally, art is almost always defined by its final product. However, with Lewin’s publicly available art, that is not the case. Lewin’s ability to allow her art to be ever-changing as a deviation to the norm makes it even more admirable.

The way that Lewin presented her work made me appreciate her work even more. Rather than just displaying each of the projects she accomplished or listing out the things that she had done, she went into her process and reasoning behind her decisions. The way in which she was able to express her thinking to her audience was incredibly effective in a way that positively promoted her work.

Magical Harp Sculpture

After watching the video, I delved in to her Magical Harp sculpture, located in Palo Alto, California in 2015. Deemed, playful, yet sophisticated, the piece was included in the Magical Bridge Playground, an unconventional sort of playground allowing those of different cognitive and physical abilities to enjoy. The consideration of those with different capabilities as well as the overall construction and design of the piece was incredibly inspiring to watch.

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