hqq – secE – project 09 – portrait


//hamza qureshi
//section e
//project 08 : portrait

var pic; //new variable for base image

function preload(){
    var URL = "https://i.imgur.com/uWj0FJC.jpg"; //url for image
    pic = loadImage(URL); //loads image from url

function setup(){
    pic.loadPixels(); //loads pixels of image to be individually interpreted
    frameRate(10); //pls dont be slow

//create circles
function draw(){
    var posX = random(width); //position of x and y coordinates of shape
    var posY = random(height);
    var colX = constrain(floor(posX), 0, width-1); //determines pixel color
    var colY = constrain(floor(posY), 0, height-1);
    var picFill = pic.get(colX,colY); //grabs info for each pixel in image
    fill(picFill); //apply fill
    ellipse(posX, posY, 7, 7); //draw circle at random location
                              //colored based on the pixel of its origin location

//create target shapes when mouse is pressed
function mousePressed(){
    var posX = mouseX; //new local variable for x and y
    var posY = mouseY;
    var colX = constrain(floor(posX), 0, width-1);
    var colY = constrain(floor(posY), 0, height-1);
    var picFill = pic.get(colX,colY);
    var sz = random(10, 20); //new variable to randomize shape
    ellipse(posX, posY, 10, 10); //new, larger central ellipse
    ellipse(posX, posY, sz + 2, sz + 2); //outer rings of ellipse
    ellipse(posX, posY, sz + 7, sz + 7); //are random in size to change
    ellipse(posX, posY, sz + 9, sz + 9); //size

For my sketch, I used an image from Orientation this past summer:

I appreciated the variety of colors in this picture of myself and some great friends. I chose to create a dynamically drawn portrait that allows for a slightly modified outcome when the mouse is clicked. The sketch operates as it generates each frame, but each click produces a randomly sized target shape. This creates an oil-painting-like stroke when the image nears completion. See below:


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