For this weeks post, I decided to write about my friend Elizabeth’s looking outwards post on the Sugarcube MIDI controller. Similar to her post, I agree with the satisfaction of the interaction with the Sugarcube.  What I found so fascinating about the device is how accurately it can imitate the movement of a marble or a surface. In one setting, it uses simple lights to imitate physical movement of solid objects.


The project was created by Amanda Ghassaei, a grad student at the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT Media Lab.

In addition to imitating simple movements, the Sugarcube also has many settings that create patterns of light and allows the user to interact with the lights as buttons. Besides lighting up and creating a visual performance, the device also emits sound and noises, allowing the user to use both senses and play around with sound and visuals. I find it interesting how this simple tool can be used as an educational tool and stimulate the user both visually as well as audibly.



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