mstropka-Looking Outwards-09

For this week’s looking outward assignment I looked at Asher Blackburn’s looking outwards 7, which is a visual map of where people have tweeted from. This caught my eye for the same reasons that he wrote about in his looking outwards post in that the concept is very simple, but the resulting image is incredibly complex and interesting. The map has billions of points from months of data collection and when all of these points are plotted, the map begins to raise questions. For example, after looking at the map in detail you start to wonder about why certain areas send more tweets than others, why one person is sending a tweet in the middle of nowhere, and what is the content of these tweets.

It would be very interesting if the map were able to link to the tweets that were sent out at these locations. Looking at the map, I am very curious what users are sending out at these locations and times. I would like to be able to look more in depth and answer some of these questions with the help of the map.

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