This is a video of the process of creating NEUROTiQ.


NEUROTiQ is a “brain animating” headpiece created by SENSOREE and designed by Kristin Neidlinger (augmented fashion designer and founder of SENSOREE). This headpiece is a knit fabric structure that is embedded with 3D printed neuron brain sensors (essentially EEG sensors), and uses those sensors to display the state of the brain through colored lights. Each of the colors represent a different emotion, and they are displayed in tandem with the brain waves of the wearer. This design premiered NYFW in 2014 at the 3D Print Show. This project is especially cool because it comes futuristic wearable fashion with technology, integrating the two seamlessly to create a beautiful piece of art. No only does it combine fashion with computer science, but also with cognitive psychology and human emotion. It’s a really unique piece, and presents a really exciting direction for future combinations of technology and fashion.

The designer, Kristin Niedlinger, is a future concepts designer. She has a background in dance, new media, and in physical therapy as a Dance Medicine specialist, and studied at California College of the Arts. She created SENSOREE as Therapeutic Biomedia, to create wearable pieces to augment “Sensory Processing Disorder.” By taking human experiences of this disorder and combing technology and fashion, she highlights a state of mind not usually seen in mainstream media.

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