Taurus in the style of Vivaldi by David Cope

For this week, I decided to look into the work of David Cope. As a music professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Cope writes algorithms and programs that take in music and outputs new compositions in the style of the original input.

The example above uses his experiments in musical intelligence in order to recreate the style of Antonio Vivaldi. His program relied on processes such as deconstruction, analyzing signatures, and finding compatibility in works in order to create new compositions. In the case of this example, the music video accompanying this piece was also algorithmically created.

I think that the concept of using new technologies in order to recreate styles of old composers is incredibly interesting, yet works surprisingly well. However, I think that one flaw to this sort of technique is that algorithms can only analyze how each of the notes are treated, but do not take into account the emotions that any given composer has as they create.

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