Game of Skill 2.0

[Video showcasing the installation]

Game of skill 2.0 by Christine Sun Kim is an interactive installation, resembling a zipline, where a text about the future written by Kim and voiced by a museum intern (as she is deaf since birth) is played at different levels and speeds depending on the direction and speed of the participant. I find this project compelling, as she conveys listening, which is often regarded as a passive activity, as something requiring physical labor in order to “acquire”. And being deaf since birth, I think this project communicates her personal struggles, making it a meaningful project. The technical side of the project involves the use of velcro, magnets, custom electronics and the intern’s voice.

[A snapshot of how users interact with the installation]

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Work | Christine Sun Kim. Games of Skill 2.0. October 11 2015 – March 7 2016

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