A promotional image about EarSketch.

EarSketch is an online web application that teaches students how to code by making music. Users can code in either Python or Javascript. It was created because people thought in order to encourage people to learn how to code and to increase its appeal, they should use a universally understood and loved language: music. I really admire the interface, because it’s modern and fairly simple. If it looked unfinished or overly technical, I imagine that would turn people off from using the app. The app also features a HUGE range of samples, containing everything from dubstep to eight-bit to west coast hip hop.

EarSketch is designed/created by a team that is primarily based out of Georgia Tech.

While the sample themselves might not be computational, users can change the music by setting their own tempo in the code, which is computational. There are also a lot of functions that users can use to analyze tracks for their different properties.

Because the software is used to create music, the creators themselves did not insert any of their own personal artistic sensibilities into the project. Rather, they designed the software in order to allow others to insert their creative sensibilities.

A video that introduces EarSketch:

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