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Florian Hecker: “Event, Stream, Object”

“Event, Stream, Object is a sound installation by German artist Florian Hecker, that has now been acquired for MMK’s collection in Frankfurt. Presented in the exhibition ”Radical Conceptual“ (February 19 – August 22, 2010), the work consists of a loudspeaker system suspended from the ceiling used to convey a computer-generated, eight-channel sound composition. Each individual loudspeaker plays a sequence of sounds allocated to it and, in itself complex, becomes a part of the acoustic whole with its differing frequencies and volumes”.

What I like about this sound installation is that the mirrors that hung from the ceiling can actually alter the atmospheric sounds’ waves, besides that it can reflect the visitors’ appearance. His concept of incorporating space and architecture into music. His projects are not actually traditional music that is composed. Rather, it is more like a interactive sound art because the sound shift and vary depending on the listener. When the audience change their physical locations in the space and also their personal biases and points of reference, the sound will change as well. I think his idea that listing is driven by the desire for understanding is shown here in a very elegant way. Also, the mirrors are able to generate eight channels of sound, which makes the sound very dimensional.
I think the idea of taking the listeners into account of sound generating is really appealing and interesting. It not only attracts the audience to pay attention on or play with your work, but also provides more opportunities for artists in creation.

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