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SugarCube, developed by researcher samanda ghassaei at the MIT Media Lab, is an open source, grid-based, standalone MIDI instrument that can be booted up into various musical applications. With the built in accelerometer and gyroscope, SugarCube integrates the physical interaction of tilting, pushing and shaking etc. with the digital music MIDI Notes(shown in the video). It immediately gave a very tangle aspect of computational sound effect. On the other hand, Sugar Cube also afford a variety of ways that users can compose music through the interaction. Such as in the boiling app interaction, users will be able to experiment and create interesting polyrhythms with visual bouncing lights. While the users are pushing the cube buttons to add note to the rhythms, the visual Bounce direction is based on y tilt and Speed and MIDI velocity (loudness) controlled by pots. I assumed that the creators may originally concern with the variety of interaction getting too complex, there is a very user-friendly shake to ease function added to the product. Overall, I am very impress how Sugar cube links the digital music generating aspect with lighting visuals and analog interaction in a very intuitive way.



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