Project One: Spotify – Pride Stories by Studio Giant Ant

Year of Creation: 2016

Link to Project Work: http://www.giantant.ca/spotify-pride-stories

Link to Creator Bio:http://www.giantant.ca/about/


Project Two: Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950 by Flowing Information

Year of Creation: 2016

Link to Project Work: http://flowingdata.com/2017/09/11/most-female-and-male-occupations-since-1950/

Link to Creator Bio: http://flowingdata.com/



The two projects I chose to compare for my final Looking Outwards take two different approaches in delivering messages to audiences — both, however, are rooted in computational media, with varying degrees of computation usage.

Pride Stories

Giant Ant’s Spotify Pride Stories is an information visualization-animation discussing the role of same-sex marriage laws in the workplace, and the lifestyles of stakeholders tied to those laws. It uses primarily Adobe Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects to tell a story with their information, and uses computationally-derived data to form infographics on specific moments within the animation.

Male and Female Occupations

In comparison, Flowing Data’s Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950 is a static infographic running on javascript and HTML/CSS that encourages user interaction through mouse-hover. Viewers are introduced to the topic of gender in the workplace through a gradient visualization, which they can experience for themselves by placing their cursor over different areas within the inforgraphic.

As a set, these two projects represent approaches to design that I’m very invested in — animation, world-building, and information delivery.

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