abradbur – Project – 12

For my final project I would like to make a simple point and click game, with a friendly animated crow as your guide. There are different levels of the project that I would like to accomplish, the basic level being the bare minimum, and all levels after being extras that I would love to implement if I have the time. At the basic level, I will create a scene in an eerie field with a broken down farmhouse in the background, among other scattered objects. Clicking the crow will initiate the start of the “game”. He will give the beginnings of a story(probably a spooky one), and clicking on different objects on the screen will get him to tell you different things. The crow itself will be a series of images that I draw by hand and set to a simple animation. The second level will have the objects make a sound when clicked, and possibly have clickable items light up. The third level will allow the crow to say different flavor text depending on the circumstances of the player, such as time of day, if they’ve found and clicked on every object, or if they’ve clicked on the crow more times than necessary. The fourth level would be to make the scene a landscape that scrolls with the mouse, which would allow me to add more objects and elements to the story.

Here is a simple sketch of how I would like the initial scene to look.

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