For my project I was looking at twitter bots: specifically art bots and poetry bots.

Tweet by @pixelsorter

@pixelsorter is an art bot that utilizes pixel sorting. The pixels of a base image are sorted and rearranged according to some value of the pixels, such as how much green is in each pixel, to create a new composition.

tweet by @a_quilt_bot

@a_quilt_bot is a bot that takes images submitted by followers and recreated them by editing visually similar photo snippets of fabric into place, creating what looks like the submitted image were it made into a quilt.

I’m interested in this kind of art because I think it makes use of a medium (in this case twitter) in a way that the medium wasn’t intended for originally. I view these projects as starting points, and want to include a generative element in addition to reorganization of the original content.

Other inspiration!

Nonsense Haikus, Using the Tweets of Donald Trump

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