hqq – secE – project12 – proposal

Project Name: Carl Makes a Meal (tentative);

Project Partner: Rachel Park (rsp1);

Project Manifesto: “For our project, we are creating a two-part immersive experience that’s part-“choose your own adventure” and part-Pong game. The premise brings back an earlier character Hamza created in the early days of the class, Carl, whose goal is to make a nice, home-cooked meal for his girlfriend Carla. But, it has to be perfect. In a choose-your-own-adventure game, you’ll have the option to check the fridge for ingredients, or travel to a new country to pick some more rare ingredients. There’ll also be information on these pages about these ingredients. We’ll create these pages on Illustrator and use a series of key presses to activate each ones. (see diagram below).

Players will “cook” the meal through a stacking game where they use a plate to catch the ingredients to make the “perfect” meal (see below). Once the stack reaches a certain height, the game ends with an image of the final meal in its finest presentation.

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