For this project, I will be collaborating with HeeSeo Chun. We will be making an interactive game where you control the character’s movement by pressing keys (something like Super Mario or Cookie Run). We are taking inspiration from this video of Spirited Away in game form.

We want to make this a simple game where you go through the map by jumping or ducking. But in addition to these interactions, we want to have some more aspects of interaction such as: dialogue with other characters, acquiring items, etc. As a visual theme, we want to keep the 8 bit visual but as a conceptual theme, we want to use “The Little Prince”. For example, the little prince will be the main character that the user moves throughout the game, and he will meet the rose, the fox, and other characters as he runs. All of these aspects of the game are temporary for now, according to how possible some aspects are to code with our knowledge of coding.

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