Project 12 – Yugyeong Lee

I will be collaborating with Nahyun Kim for the final project.

For this project, we are planning to create an interactive program that reacts to sound. With possibility to include audio in-put from built in microphone, the program will detect frequency, amplitude, etc. to generate different graphical animation. Through using p5.sound functions, we’ll load sound, get sound from input source, get the current volume, analyze the frequency, and utilize these variables to control size, color, location of graphical representations. The interesting aspect of this project is exploring different sound related functions that we haven’t really worked with with past projects. If we end up loading different music to display the program (instead of incorporating built-in microphone), we will incorporate mouse-press to change to the next song either by clicking different regions of the canvas or different icons. Once we have the basic reactor program set up, we will explore variety of expression in displaying different variables of sound and hope to include more interactive aspects to the project.

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