yunzhous- Final-Project-Proposal

My inspiration for the final project comes from my favorite music game, Deemo, by Rayark company. I’ve always interested in game design and this time I want something that involves with sound. In this game, a background music will be played since the start. Bubbles will randomly appear from the top of the screen and move downward, each representing a node. The sound of the node will be played if bubbles are clicked. Players are expected to click on the bubble only when its center is roughly at the finish line, so the node played will correspond to the background music. If the bubble is clicked at the correct time, it will shine and the player gets one point. If the player continuously getting the bubble at the right time, the combo number will be displayed at the top right corner.

The speed of the bubbles are constant. I will manually count and arrange when the bubble should appear and be clicked, to correspond to the background music. Sounds for different nodes will be loaded to p5js, and the bubbles will shine when certain conditions are met (clicked at the right time, using if statement). The time will probably be counted using millis() function.

If time allows I will try to add some background story to this game, making it more appealing.

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