Project 9


// gnmarino
// Gia Marino
// section D

var img;

function preload() {
    img = loadImage(""); 

function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 350);

function draw() {

    // captures the color of every 3 pixels and fills the circles
    for(var x = 0; x < width; x+= 3){
        for(var y = 0; y <= height + 100; y+= 3){

            var color = img.get(x, y);

            // when mouse pressed the image is less blurred 
            if(mouseIsPressed) { 
                size = random(5);
                ellipse(x, y, size);
            } else {
                size = random(50);
                ellipse(x, y, size);

        text("Press Mouse", 15, 15);


For this project I had a hard time figuring out how to be creativity without overloading my code. This is because I loop my code so many times to create my picture out of dots that when I went in to change things or print things in the loop my computer would just be having to run way too much. Thus, I decided it be cool to make a project where you uncover my face by clicking on the screen rather than adding anymore to the final image.

Before Doing Anything
After Holding Down the Mouse For 3 Seconds

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