I came across the website Tabletop Whale, which is a website by a biology PHD student Eleanor Lutz who spends time creating infographics on science. Although she makes most of her infographics in Photoshop and Illustrator, some of her blog posts are gifs or animated interactive explanations for her topic of the month.

She firstly researches a theme or topic, then once she is sure she understands it well enough to teach others, she will go ahead to design and create the infographics. Her main purpose is to inform others. Eleanor is inspired by the idea that such illustrations can bring surprise and spark interest in topics which others may not even fully understand. This type of project shows that sometimes ideas are best presented through diagrams, illustrations or moving pictures to help others understand. What I appreciate about her approach is that she makes use of different types of media and presentation to present different concepts, from computational 3D modeling to gif making through multiple Photoshop image frames to using Python coding. This just shows that today and in the future, complex information can be visualized and not only read through words on textbooks.


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