Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly are artists that focus on perception and the relationship between the world and its inhabitants. They created the “Meta-Perceptual Helmets,” which allow humans to see the world from the point of view of different animals.

I find this interesting because humans have never truly been able to experience the perspective of another animal. The artists questioned why our eyes are positioned the way they are, and what kind of limitations or advantages we have over other creatures. The project was intended to be an interactive art exhibit, but I think it could be used for science as well. Seeing from the perspective of animals can help us understand more about the creatures themselves and can allow scientists to develop tools that allow us to see differently.

Website link: http://www.connolly-cleary.com/Home/helmets.html?utm_source=DesignTAXI&utm_medium=DesignTAXI&utm_term=DesignTAXI&utm_content=DesignTAXI&utm_campaign=DesignTAXI

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