// Elizabeth Wang
// elizabew@andrew.cmu.edu
// Project - 02: variable faces; face variables

var eyeSize = 40;
var whiteeyes = 55;
var faceWidth = 250;
var faceHeight = 250;
var cheeks = 50;
var x = 300;
var y = 300;
var mouth = 80;
var ears = .2;

function setup() {
    createCanvas(600, 600);

function draw() {

fill (0);
  rect(.5*x, .38*y, x, 1.5*y, 90);

fill (255,234,201);
  ellipse( .6*x, y, x*ears, x*ears);
  ellipse( 1.40*x, y, x*ears, x*ears);

fill (214,197,169);
  rect(.9*x, 1.2*y, .2*x, .5*y, 90);

fill (255,234,201);
  ellipse( x, y, faceWidth,  faceHeight);

fill (250);
  rect(.55*x, 1.5*y, .9*x, 2*y, 120);

  rect(.6*x, .45*y, .65*x, .4*y, 30 ,30, 30, 30);

fill (0);
  rect(.86*x, 1.17*y, mouth, .09*mouth);

fill (237,106,90);
  ellipse( .7*x, 1.15*y, cheeks, cheeks);
  ellipse( 1.3*x, 1.15*y, cheeks, cheeks);

  ellipse( .81*x, y, whiteeyes, whiteeyes)
  ellipse( 1.2*x, y, whiteeyes, whiteeyes);
fill (0);
  ellipse( .81*x, y, eyeSize, eyeSize);
  ellipse( 1.2*x, y, eyeSize, eyeSize);

fill (255,123,83);
  triangle(x, y, 1.05*x, 1.1*y, .95*x, 1.1*y);


function mousePressed() {
    // when the user clicks, these variables are reassigned
    // to random values within specified ranges. For example,
    // 'faceWidth' gets a random value between 75 and 150.
    faceWidth = random(200, 250);
    faceHeight = random(200, 250);
    eyeSize = random(20, 40);
    whiteeyes = random (20, 60);
    x = random(250, 300);
    y = random(250, 350);
    cheeks = random(20, 60);
    mouth = random (40, 90);


Initially, when I began this project, I did not exactly know where to start, so I decided to base the face off of my self portrait—with minor changes to the overall design.

(portrait from Project 01)

While I do enjoy the overall result of my program (the outputted faces look very funny and show a lot of personality despite a consistently flat mouth), I do wish I put in more time to make a simplified version of my program using functions, instead of ‘strange’ numbers that multiply with other ‘strange’ numbers. However I did learn a lot from this, and I can say that the next time a approach a program similar to this, I know what steps I need to take before jumping into writing the code instead of diving in headfirst.

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