Roman Verostko created an arm that holds a pen and uses algorithms to draw beautiful images. In one project, appropriately named the “Three Story Drawing Machine,” he projected the eight-hour drawing process on a three-story building.

What amazes me the most about this project is Verostko’s ability to see drawings in algorithms. In order to tell the arm what to draw, he had to think like a computer in addition to thinking like an artist. It looks like in order to make certain parts of the image darker, he has the arm draw over areas more than once.

Another aspect of this project that I admire is the way the artist integrated sound into the presentation. Each direction and speed combination projected a sound for the audience, which must have had an interesting effect. I was unable to find a video of the sounds, so I wonder if they were actually appealing or not.

According to Verostko, the project “marries mind and machine with cyberforms celebrating algorithmic form.”

website link: http://www.verostko.com/shows/n-spark/n-spark.html

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