Notional Field is an interactive installation created by Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza. The work is a wall-mounted sculpture containing vertical and parallel elastic like cords that are projected onto a flat surface. The motion of these lines are determined by an algorithm that forced them to respond to any movement in direction that occurs directly in front of them. What I found really interesting about this project is how it looks so three-dimensional – when the cords move around there is shadow movement that makes the work seem all the more believable. Furthermore, when the cords are pushed towards a corner of two walls, they almost bounce off and project onto the adjacent wall that makes the cords look as though they are actually jumping off of the wall.
According to the artists, the piece revolves around the idea of interface, which is interpreted as the point of contact between two different entities, and is displayed in the work in several ways: between the viewer and the piece (a human/computer interface); between the real and the virtual (the physical structure and its relationship with the projected structure); between the foreground and the background (as the projection interferes with the sculpture).

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