Reverberating Across the Divide: Digital Design Meets Physical Context from Madeline Gannon on Vimeo.

I looked at the project “Reverberating Across the Divide” by Madeline Gannon. I thought it was really interesting because it took a thorough route of combining digital and physical input and output. This was my first time being exposed to the topic of a chronomorphologic modeling environment. I’m especially impressed with the complexity of technology that is now possible in order for the designer to have been able to scan and create forms virtually, taking influence and depth from the real world. “A depth camera translates a physical space or object into a three-dimensional point cloud,” which allows her to create the expressive, exoskeleton-like forms that have strong influence from both the digital scans and physical features. I am a product design student, so I know a bit about 3D printing- but I didn’t know about the possibilities of scanning a physical form and then altering it in virtual reality. It excites me to think that if these technologies are possible for this whimsical project that created interesting, decoration-like forms, advancements in other areas like treating broken bones can also be made; I heard about 3D printing casts a few years ago, so I’m sure the tech has become more efficient since then.

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