Absolut Amber from ZEITGUISED on Vimeo.

ZEITGUISED is a collective of international artists and designers working in the fields of sculpture, architecture, fashion and film. Almost impossible to categorise, the Berlin-based studio was founded by German architect Henrik Mauler and American sculpture and fashion designer Jamie Raap in 2001.

The founder was once stated saying “Synthetic poetry and lyrical systems are at the core of what drives our work. It is fair to say that often the music or soundscapes are the origin or pivot of our pieces”

On the outside their projects create a rhythmic, soft flowing fluid, and incredibly tranquillising aesthetic; but in reality are created using technology and synthetic non-physical matter – usually from coded algorithms.
So, when you believe you are seeing silk-like materials, or liquid, natural substances, you’re in fact witnessing pioneering motion graphics accentuated with sound or other stimulus.

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