Random Number Multiples by Marius Watz and Jer Thorp

Computer generated or software based art is usually played in a digital interface not executed in traditional craft or handwork. However, this ‘Random Number Multiple’ series are computer generated but screen-printed work. There are few series in ‘Random Number Multiple’. What I personally like is the ‘Arc’ series. Marius Watz described this series as “pseudo-random compositions of radial shapes, subtly distorted by a 3D surface that lends the image a strong focal point and sense of movement.” Actually, pseudo-randomness is not a real randomness. This randomness generated by a definite computer program to satisfy a statistical test. Even if it seems random but the composition of this series is actually generated by mathematical processes. I really admire this project because it combines traditional hand-craft method and software- or computer-based method together. I think it expands more possible ways of executing art expression.

The ‘Arc’ Series
The ‘Arc’ Series
The ‘Arc’ Series – Process of Screen Printing

Random Number Multiple Series


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