hqq – LookingOutwards-07

Above: Zoomed and static network visualization of Twitter connections by Santiago Ortiz.

Santiago Ortiz, founder of Moebio Labs, is a visual scientist and designer, whose work uses expressive network theory to demonstrate physical and metaphorical connections between people and their surroundings. Ortiz believes that data visualization is most effective not in the form of static charts and graphs, but as fluid, moving pieces of art. Ortiz’s analysis of connections on Twitter between different followers in different locations exemplifies this belief perfectly. The analysis considers a variety of metrics to highlight important information on who is tweeting, who they connect with, how often they connect, and even why they connect the way they do. The visualization uses a series of nodes and lines to create webs between different users who connect with each other. Subtle nuances such as line thickness and node size highlight other important statistics such as the amount of communication and popularity. Moreover, the analysis is fluid. From the webpage, you can zoom in, click, and slide metrics to reveal more information.

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