Calligraffiti is an art form combining traditional calligraphy with graffiti. In yet another unlikely symbiosis, calligraffitos are now fusing it with new media to render “digital calligraffiti,” which is projected onto the sides of structures. Worked on by refugees, the medium is a part of a community project organized by Public Art Lab. The main idea with this project is to transform the “urban screens” such as subways and building exteriors into communication platforms for immigrants. A lot of these pieces convey messages such as  “love not war,” “art is love,” and “no violence.”

From this project, I appreciate how new media art is now also being used as a new platform to raise awareness of social injustice or unnecessary violence. Instead of being just a static installation that lives in a museum, Calligraffiti can be seen in the simplest of neighborhoods and the everyday lives of the citizens who live nearby these pieces.

calligraffiti in action
the board where people can create their artwork
This man’s calligraffiti is being projected onto the wall right in front of him as he creates the calligraphy

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