ManyMaps is one of the custom software created by Rachel Binx. She is currently working at Netflix, with the content Science & Algorithms team in Los Angeles. She is an American data visualizer, developer, and designer. She is the co-founder of Meshu and Gifpop, two companies that create physical objects, such as maps and animated GIFs, from social data. For this particular project, it is a site for designing our own map prints. The site is built on Shopify, and Rachel Binx made the site end-to-end, including concept, frontend and backend code, visual design, and photography. It is made possible by OpenStreetMap, which is the largest open-source mapping community in the world. The individual data tiles come from Mapzen, an open-source mapping company. All of the posters and canvas prints are made in the USA.


Overall, I really enjoyed this software/website as I am able to create my own design of the place I like. For example, the place I chose there is Beijing, China where is my hometown. By selecting my favorite colors with the important location, I was able to build a connection with the place even though I am not physically there.

The design page for the users creating their dream map | updated 2017
The poster I designed for my hometown
The samples/art works presented on the website

MANYMAPS official website

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